Houlder and KLAW Partner on LNG Transfer

Houlder and KLAW Partner on LNG Transfer

Marine Engineers Houlder and KLAW LNG have signed a new memorandum of understanding to develop a new bunker and transfer solution.

This is in response to the increase demand from the LNG small to mid-scale market. The systems will aim to provide integrate motion compensation handling equipment and proven LNG components to deliver LNG through flexible hoses.

Simon Harris, chief commercial officer at Houlder, said: “Houlder has expertise in marine design, engineering and equipment supply across the energy sector. Our Marine Design Consultancy business is already at the forefront of LNG bunkering system and vessel design.”

He added: “KLAW LNG adds an unrivalled track record of safe and effective operation. Hundreds of LNG commercial transfers are safely and efficiently conducted every year using their components. Combining their know-how with Houlder’s marine and mechanical engineering experience is very exciting.”

The collaboration will offer clients a full set of services available world-wide including vessel installation and integration, site assistance and support and crew training.

It will aim to provide a safe and efficient alternative to transfer of LNG, particularly compared to large, rigid fixed arm solutions.

“The team at KLAW LNG is proud to be in the forefront of hose based LNG transfer systems. The business has kept itself a market leader through continued evolution since the first ever commercial LNG transfer over a decade ago,” added David Hill, chief executive Signum Technology – incorporating KLAW LNG).

He concluded: “We also recognise the development and engineering prowess Houlder has gained through long experience across the offshore energy industry. Combining this with our engineers’ proven knowhow, experience and competence means we are confident this collaborative project will deliver an attractive option for small to mid-scale LNG end users.”

Source: http://www.motorship.com/news101/lng/houlder-and-klaw-partner-on-lng-transfer