Precision technology – now in Edinburgh!

Precision technology – now in Edinburgh!

Vert Rotors, an Edinburgh manufacturing company, has today announced that it has installed ultra-precise machinery to enable it to make micro-processors to be used in satellites and medical devices.

David Bryden of DMG-Mori UK who made the machine said : “The HSC-20 linear 2nd generation CNC machine, is the most precise 5-Axis machine in Scotland, and the first such machine in the UK. This is the machine you must have to achieve tight tolerances and the best surface finish possible.”

Olly Dmitriev, CEO at Vert Rotors, explained: “We have already shaken up the global compressor market by producing the world’s smallest screw compressor. Our innovative conical rotary design enables future space systems and innovative medical applications by providing the highest possible air pressure at low-vibration.

“The DMG-Mori produced HSC-20 linear machine will enable Vert Rotors to produce compressors at an unparalleled degree of ultra-accuracy, increase their manufacturing productivity four-fold, and create new positions for three highly-skilled engineers specially trained to operate this complex equipment.”

Precision technology – now in Edinburgh!

Three new highly skilled jobs will be created as a result of the move. Scottish Enterprise supported the company with a Regional Selective Assistance Grant of £46,000 which meant that the company could make an investment of £250,000 in the new technology.

Dmitriev continued: “Scotland is brimming with talent and innovation, and we are determined to continue to manufacture here despite our plans to drive our sales internationally. It was very important to us to bring the new CNC machine here for that reason.

Entrepreneurial Growth and Grant Management Director at Scottish Enterprise, said: “This is a superb example of a Scottish manufacturing company at the forefront of micro compressor technology. We are very pleased to be supporting Vert Rotors enhance their competitiveness and add even greater value to Scotland’s economy.”

Vert Rotors produces compact, high-pressure and low-vibration gas compressors based on its proprietary technology. Vert’s conical compressors provide the highest pressure-to-mass ratio. They are designed for aerospace, medical and other applications where vibration and noise are not acceptable, and dimensions and weight are mission-critical.